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Tai Chi Hero (2012)

posted by admin, November 27, 2012 @ 12:41 pm

Movie: Tai Chi Hero

  • Director: Stephen Fung
  • Release Date: October 25, 2012
  • Run Time:
  • Genre: Action, Adventure

Chinese steampunk martial arts blockbuster about the early years of Tai chi master Yang Luchan, the man who founded in the 19th century what has now become the most popular Tai Chi style in the world. The second instalment of the "Tai Chi" trilogy continues the journey of Yang Luchan, a gifted child with a fleshy growth on his forehead who helped save a village from a frightening army of steampunk soldiers bearing strange machines with the knowledge of Tai Chi that they entrusted him with.

5 Responses to “Tai Chi Hero (2012)”

  1. sina says:

    wow what a fantastic movie. I was going to check out Tai Chi Hero (2012) in the theatre but instead I saw it right here for free of charge

  2. edna says:

    I had a perfectly fine time streaming Tai Chi Hero (2012) online and the tricks of its 3 celebs

  3. lawrence says:

    whoa just what a superb film. I was going to view Tai Chi Hero (2012) in the movie theatre but rather I viewed it here for totally free

  4. betty says:

    I appreciated Tai Chi Hero (2012) online it turned out utterly very good.

  5. perry says:

    Tai Chi Hero (2012): I guess the truth is that all streaming motion pictures relating to eye-catching bad guys capture the fancy of the audience’s need to witness precisely what it\’s actually like to live an non-traditional lifestyle, despite the fact that that wish is held merely for the length of the free streaming film. Nonetheless no such free film streaming which I’ve ever looked at has ached more together with desire for the eye-catching burglars for a distinct life as opposed to one they have compared to Tai Chi Hero (2012) does. And this invests this delightfully clever, convention-busting motion picture Tai Chi Hero (2012) with an increase of spirit than you’d assume, because it really is not just a dilemma with regards to storyline — as the majority streaming motion pictures about con performers usually are — and not merely a dilemma with regards to streaming movies — as handful of streaming movies possibly even dare to attempt: it\’s actually a puzzle concerning personality as well as potential and standpoint and personsI have found that Tai Chi Hero (2012) download to end up superb.

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