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Searching for the Elephant

posted by admin, December 18, 2011 @ 6:40 am

Movie: Searching for the Elephant

  • Director: SK Jhung
  • Release Date: October 09, 2009
  • Run Time: 144 mins
  • Genre: Drama

The film depicts the hollow lives of affluent thirty-something young urban professionals in Seoul. The protagonists are three childhood friends, each struggling with a compulsion: schizophrenia, sex addiction, and infidelity. The revelation of their secrets exacerbates their sense of deprivation, and the three friends are inevitably led to a shocking finale when they learn that growing pains are not just distant memories of their youth.

7 Responses to “Searching for the Elephant”

  1. nanci says:

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  2. milly says:

    I just finished watching Searching for the Elephant online – Good movie. Very interesting. There are a few amusing segments, but I feel that it was a tad dark. I would say that it’s worth viewing nonetheless.

  3. rheba says:

    I like Searching for the Elephant streaming online

  4. herbert says:

    We had a totally fine time streaming Searching for the Elephant online and the antics of its 3 stars

  5. dorene says:

    Searching for the Elephant was outstanding.

  6. dwana says:

    I actually liked Searching for the Elephant online it turned out totally very good.

  7. carola says:

    We rather loved Searching for the Elephant.

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